CXO 17

The outerwear collection was made in thinking of people coming abroad to live on a foreigner country. Nowadays people are more open to moving inbetween different countries. That is why we see more often people from different cultures on the streets. This collection is inspired by African people integrating into Scandinavian life. It is often hard to be different from others but you have to use it for your own positive cause. Be different and be proud of it. You have something that others don’t have, it is your statement to rich others with your knowledge and traditions.

The forms of coats are inspired by traditional African men clothing. They are big and protective from all kind of weather conditions. You never know when the next snow storm is going to get you or a northern wind will blow you off the road. This is the reason why a proper statement coat is always needed in wardrobe. The coats also have details of souther land, to give more African feeling. The colors are bright and mixed with more calm Scandinavian tones. The coat collection is armed with big pockets to carry your busy life without having bags in hands.

On coat details is used lamb fur to refer on afro-hair texture.